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High washbasin mixer tap
Swamp oak UW11

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t arose from the fallen trees, which lay for hundreds of years under the surface of the water. Dark colour is formed as a result of reaction with water containing iron.
Black oak is found throughout almost Europe, but the largest of its clusters are located in the basins of the rivers of Central and Southern Europe. In Poland, the largest finds are found near Dębica and Szprotawa[2]. The largest exposed specimen of the black oak is located in the Museum of Agates and Petrified Trees in Dąbrowa Tarnowska and is 2 meters in diameter.
The estimated world deposits of black oak are smaller than the world's diamond deposits. In Tsarist Russia, the possession of black oak furniture was punishable by death, as it was reserved for the ruling family. Currently, Polish legislation stipulates that the deposits of black oak embedded in rivers and underground are owned by the State Treasury ąb"[1].

  • Type: high washbasin mixer tap

  • Material: natural wood, brass, glossy chrome
  • Handle: cube
  • Tip of tap: aerator
  • Height: 296 mm
  • Spout reach: 131 mm
  • Head type: ceramic Ø35 mm

  • Resistance to high temperatures, chemical and mechanical factors, excellent microbiological protection.
  • Ceramic head of the Spanish company – SEDAL – guarantees tightness, reliability and quiet work.
  • Neoperl Cascade SLC aerator – reduce water consumption up to 50%.
  • Simple installation.
  • Quick and easy cleaning.
  • Delivery time: +/- 4 weeks.


  • Color: natural wood color, glossy chrome

  • Gripe type: cube

  • Spout type: aerator

  • Housing height: 296 mm

  • Spout reach: 131 mm

  • Head type: ceramic Ø35 mm

Resistant to high temperatures, chemical and mechanical factors and excellent microbiological protection

  • Ceramic head from Spanish company SEDAL guarantees leak-tightness, reliability and silent work of the mixer tap.

  • Neoperl Cascade SLC aerator –50% savings in water consumption.

  • Cascade structure prevents from the limestone sedimentation and allows for quick, easy cleaning.



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