How we do it?


Our philosophy is delivered through our products, products that possess both a functional beauty and superb technical performances for a lifetime.

These products are all our original and unique designs.

These designs go through stringent testing and development to bring you peace of mind for all our products' long lifetime.
Our products are handcrafted from only selected high-quality woods such as European oak, Black walnut, African mahogany – sapele. These woods are chosen for their immaculate aesthetic and their durability. Both are equally important.

Before the manufacturing process, the wood undergoes specialised long-term drying techniques, in order to guarantee the durability of the product. The profile of the wood will remain consistently pleasing over many years of use. It is one of the joys in manufacturing that we have, selecting new wood by looking at the structure, taint and composition of tree ring patterns for a character, for pleasure in encountering and in how the natural warmth of the wood feels to the hand.

Then, using an impregnation system and other technologies, culled from yacht-building crafts, our wood is fully protected against water.

The finished product is covered with bacterial-resistant, waterproof and ecologically safe multi-layer varnish coat.

What our products deliver is a moment of joy where nature and design combine for your comfort and pleasure.