Frequently Asked Questions


  • How is the wood waterproofed?


    The wood is selected for its dense structure, colour and orientation of the wood grain to provide both uniqueness and aesthetic quality for the final product.

    Before the manufacturing process, the wood is subjected to specialised, long-duration drying techniques in order to ensure the durability of the product. This also ensures the product retains its shape, is durable and resists deformation, even after many years of use.

    Then through using a unique impregnation process and technologies modified from techniques in yacht-building engineering, our wood is fully protected against water. The finished products are covered with a bio-resistant, waterproof and safe multi-layer varnish coat. It is easy to clean and perfectly highlights the natural beauty of the wood.The distinctive feature of our manufacturing process is the excellent mechanical and chemical resistance that our wooden materials achieve.


  • How do you clean the taps?


    The wooden components will only require a gentle cleaning with soap and water on a soft cloth or sponge. Where limescale may gather on the chrome base of the tap unit, there are many soft brushes and cleaning solutions available to deal with limescale on the metal components. 


  • Can we use chemical substances to clean the tap?

    No, please do not use chemicals to wash the wooden surfaces.



  • Does lime scale build up on the tap and how can I remove it safely?

    The lime scale doesnt build up on the surface of the wood. During use, it is possible that the lime scale will deposit on the chrome base on which the tap is mounted. If it happens, you can easily remove the lime scale with a simple brush you dont have to use any chemicals.




  • Is it possible to customise our order, to choose the woods for our taps?


    Yes. We always focus on satisfying our customers’ needs and will be happy to manufacture unique taps for your special orders. You can design your own collection of taps. We believe we are the only company that is able to take on this service. You can choose from a variety of wood types recommended by us or you can even propose a different species of wood.


  • Does the tap discolour during use?


    No, the varnishes we use in manufacture protect and retain the hue and pattern of the wood grain perfectly for its whole lifetime. If the wood is exposed to direct sunlight for many years, however, that part of the wood may slightly differ in tone from the rest of the tap. 



  • How long are typical delivery times?

    If we have the tap you have ordered within our stock, delivery is estimated at up to 7 days. If it is not in stock or the order has customised elements then delivery times may be extended to approximately 3 weeks.




  • Who may install the taps?


    We recommend a qualified plumbing engineer, your warranty is not affected by your choice of installation engineer.




  • In the event of a fault who should I contact?

    Please phone us or send us an e-mail and we will respond immediately. Our phone numbers and emails are listed under the "Contact" tab on this website.