About us

As it was when I was a child, and now as an artist and designer, finding the many joys within a beautiful design is the best pleasure.

I work on creating products that are a delight in how they look, how they feel and of course, how they work. Then to test and refine and develop these products to even better looks, sensations, strength and performance.

This is the joy of my work. Part of this process of discovery, invention and manufacture, is to imagine our beautiful products within the customers' lives, to imagine the products delivering small joys in all those different lives, through all those different days and moments.

So that is the purpose of my work and the result of my dreams, products that deliver quality and pleasure, I hope you experience the joy of them. 


As a businessman with many years experience in bringing projects and products to realisation, to find inspiration does become more and more challenging.

But with this range of very beautiful, practical and high-quality products I am truly inspired. To work with our team in manufacturing and delivering more and more of these wonderful designs and engineering to our customers is an exciting adventure and one that I am very proud to share with the whole world.